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  • Which agencies have real photos ?

    There are quite a few agencies from Russia. I want to know whether anyone knows agencies like Hottest and Cheapest escorts use real photos ? For example, has anyone met Ewelina or Alina on their site ? I have my doubts because I see a girl called Beata listed on their site as an Italian; the same photo appears in another agency with another name and is listed as Ukrainian. There are other sites like Harem escorts etc. Does anyone know if their photos are real ? Can anyone say recommend an agency that has real photos ? My experience with the Russian registered sites is you get someone different, although that person may be OK. I tried Indian agencies also, the price is low, but they don't even pretend to use real photos, the girls are pimped and you will most likely get an educated one. I have also met independents where what you see is what you get.


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  • HI

    Who meet this milf ??? @DUBAI_ESTIK


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  • hi

    i search for this milf eliza


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  • FREE.....Providing Professional Video and Photography

    An experienced fashion models photographer and videographer is looking to grow his expertise boudoir photography and videography, i am looking to collaborate with a good looking model/escort to do her a 30 sec video shoot or photo that will contain some seductive and sexy poses and moves. ( i need to build a showreel to present to my clients such as VS,Loreal Etc. for potential work with them) the model get to use the video and photos in any way she prefers.(VIDEO's and Photos wont go on any platform) NO full NUDITY in the work ..... videos and photos Shots model will approve before we use them. If you agree please contact me on (+971501934900)


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    Agencies in Dubai,you are not kind at all,this is pure wickedness and selfishness. You know most of the girls you had are no more in Dubai,why still using their photos active for such a long time when this girls returns to Dubai,nobody calls for them because you were sending fake girls instead of the girls the clients requested,This girls comes back,pay hotels waiting for jobs but nobody come because you have made them look fake because of your selfish needs Look am warning you all,if you don't take down those photos of girls you are using while they are not here,am going to Name all the Agencies using photos of Girls who are not in Dubai. Be kind to this girls,Be truthful to your clients,they are not fools as you thought. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    • by skylar Provider
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    This whole "photo verification" thing is a gimmick,,,a big joke and total BS. When a girl who is totally different from...

  • Respect and understand the escort lady job

    I Think the value of escort Girl and the meani gng of escort some people dont understand big difference meaning the prostitute in a bordelo you go for 500 aed for 15 minutes and big difference expirience the servise in a escort lady in a 5 stars hotel So you canot Clients asking for last price & 500 aed you have the choise to go to massage parlours ( bordelo)


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  • try a DP

    Im looking for a guy who wants to bang an escort (dp - never tried, could be even gang bang). if anyone interested - pm

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    I want to try dp can you arrange I will come on 12 October [email protected]

  • Be careful

    Some agency's please stop spoil work in Dubai 1hour 800 aed 30 minute 500


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  • Sos

    Some here asking last price 1500 aed is 350 euro very cheap price if you want last price go to your goat and have fun


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  • Robber +14848318339

    Robber +14848318339


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