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  • probable fake

    0521760406 She has different ads on many websotes : pictures shows a super hot chick. I whattsapp first, she claimed she is from estonia, charge 1200 for 1 h and stays in marina. sounded too good to be true. I asked for verification video or selfie she said the usual bullshit "they are already on the website" I called, she picked, the accent wasn't eastern european at all. I asked where in estonia are you from, she didn't reply and changed subject. most probably another of those fuckin nigerian in marina. beware

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    And i found she is 100% scam. She is using instagram pics of marianneargy, greek model

  • Experience with Hottest and Cheapest Agency

    Recently, I tried this Russian agency although I was quite aware they will lie or only say the partial truth. I can only say it is hit and miss. The first I requested was Evelina, a Polish girl. The girl who came could not be recognised - she had a round face, while the picture showed an elongated face. But she was attractive enough. However, Evelina did not do many of the services listed for extra fee (the agency's service list is a lie, you have to check before), and moreover Evelina had attitude. In fact, most Polish and Russian ones think too much of themselves. After that, I asked for Laura, listed as a petite Romanian brunette, bronzed or brown. Instead, they sent me a very tall, pale Ukranian blonde - not my type. But she was very friendly and cooperative, so it was good. Ukranians do not seem to have bad attitude like Russians and Polish, although they also speak like Russians and Poles (poor, not pleasantly accented English). I recommend Ukranians and Romanians. Romanians are well mannered, do not have attitude, they speak English well, and are attractive - that is, if they have not disfigured themselves with tattoos. On the third day, I asked for one listed as Slovenian. The agency agreed but sent me Evelina a second time - I had found her pretty obnoxious earlier. Evelina has gone back to Poland, but she said will come back - I recommend avoiding her.


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  • Bad escort Name Diana

    Bad escort didn't gave commission to agency 1h 1000 aed she took client from my agency because she pleased for worked ...+971545633863,+971566087292


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  • I want to be an escort

    Hi, I would like to be an escort. You can send me an email to get in touch with you. Thank you

    • by Nika Member
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    please contact [email protected] with your photofraph. will send you the road map regards


    GENTTLEMEN photos professional and selfie verificaton video provided for the clients to see the lady to verified more than 5 picture when a client asking is a time waster he will be upload on black list......

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    good client never ask for more pictures or face pictures or even video. People who ask for all this just have no money a...

    • by Lexy Provider

    GENTLEMEN BE ATTENTION PLEASE: Escort servise is a luxury sport for those who can afford to pay the companionship for beautiful intelligent women from european ladies. Companion Models are luxury they staying in 5 stars hotel they have expensive clothes perfume high heels underwear. always are with make up good hair styling manicure pedicure are models to OFFER YOU companion for GENTLEMAN BUSSINESSMAN to Dubai is a LUXYRY SERVISES....this models is not the regular job of them....THEY HAVE GOOD LIFE ...THEY DONT BEGGING FOR MONEY...A GOOD COMPANION MODEL ACCEPT AT LIST 1-3 GENTLEMEN per a day....IS NOT A BORDELLO TO ACCEPT MANY CLIENTS.....THERE IS A SCREANNING ALWAYS BEFORE FACE CONTROL...... THERE IS NO LAST PRICE.....IS NOT BARGAIN........ THERE ARE LADIES WHERE IS THEIR REGULAR JOB FROM POOR NATIONALITIES WHO ACCEPT BARGAIN THESE LADIES STAYING IN APARTMENTS 2-3 LADIES TOGETHER YOU CAN GO TO TAKE SERVISE THERE FROM 500 AED -800 AED


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  • Which agencies have real photos ?

    There are quite a few agencies from Russia. I want to know whether anyone knows agencies like Hottest and Cheapest escorts use real photos ? For example, has anyone met Ewelina or Alina on their site ? I have my doubts because I see a girl called Beata listed on their site as an Italian; the same photo appears in another agency with another name and is listed as Ukrainian. There are other sites like Harem escorts etc. Does anyone know if their photos are real ? Can anyone say recommend an agency that has real photos ? My experience with the Russian registered sites is you get someone different, although that person may be OK. I tried Indian agencies also, the price is low, but they don't even pretend to use real photos, the girls are pimped and you will most likely get an educated one. I have also met independents where what you see is what you get.

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    I don't trust agencies, I prefer independent.

  • stop fake booking i thin we are adults we are not 11 years old

    stop asking pic for masturbation be seriously if no need servise many porn sites available


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  • please respect to escort ladies

    some customers from poor nationalities of arabic countries or pakistan or indian they dont respect the job of a escort girl how diffucult it is not at all a pleasure for each lady in only a dirty job...1h in dubai cost 1500 aed means 330 euro means 400 usd in europe in switzerland or monaco euro escort girls starting 600 euro or 800 per a hour stop asking last price all girls nationalities not same


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  • Milf/Cougar required

    Looking for a Milf/cougar to yell at me. No sex required. Happy to pay 2000 per hr for the experience. No Indians please.


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